Monday, October 21, 2013

Do I even remember my password???

Happy Fall Ya'll! So maybe my new goal should be to blog once a quarter... then will I be happy that I achieved my goal!?!?!? So much to do, as always, but will quickly update you all ( as if you don't know what's going on in our lives :) I have been blessed with a little job that has pretty much resulted in me working every week. I have been working at addressing envelopes for a local company for a while now, but in the past it was one or two jobs every few months. Even though it doesn't pay the best, it is evident that God has granted me favor with the company because I am getting a lot of calls for doing 400-800 letters due in a week's time or so. Yes, my arm hurts. :) I am still searching for that "perfect" job, but am sitting here writing letters and being thankful for His provision while I am waiting. ********************************************************************************************************************************* When I'm not writing letters at night, I'm trying to get the address book completed for my church. Sorry church might be a new 2014 address book! ********************************************************************************************************************************* We spent a lot of time at our local apple and pumpkin orchard. We had some beautiful weather the past couple months and we enjoyed using our season pass. Aaron still wakes up and asks if we are going to the pumpkin patch, zoo, or BSF. I think we might be closing up that activity--it's getting way too cold now! ********************************************************************************************************************************* Loving BSF- this is my first year to have a multi-age group. I'm enjoying hearing the wisdom of older women. Matthew has been a very good and convicting book so far. Thankful I can be there every week. ********************************************************************************************************************************* Amos is gone,,, a lot. Harvest season is in full swing. I love my hard-working husband who NEVER complains. When he gets home he is busy working on our upper deck and making it livable. Love him ********************************************************************************************************************************* So picture update since I last blogged, like 8 years ago? are some of the best since I last blogged. ********************************************************************************************************************************* (Our time in Colorado was fun, tiring, and we were happy to serve the Johnson's while they were in Africa.) ********************************************************************************************************************************* (Our sweet Andrew turned 6-months old in July) ********************************************************************************************************************************* We spent a lot of time with our Greene cousins from Switzerland and New Mexico. ********************************************************************************************************************************* August was a fun month with another camping trip with our family this time and a trip to my parents. ********************************************************************************************************************************* September was a fun and busy month- I turned 30! I had a great birthday. I am so blessed. I had a fun birthday party with my friend Becca who turned 30 a days after me. For my actual birthday our family went bowling with good friends and then went on my first moped ride. It was so much fun. I started homeschooling Adam. He is a great student so far and gets really excited once he learns a number or letter and does it well. He has excellent handwriting for a 4-year-old. It's awesome to teach him and see him understand. Amos and I celebrated our 8-year anniversary. Love that man! And we also started going to the orchard..maybe a bit too much. :) We ended the month by going to the zoo with Grandma. Fun month! ********************************************************************************************************************************* October has been a great month so far. Andrew and I went to Minneapolis for a wedding. My oldest two had fun with my parents. ********************************************************************************************************************************* Until next quarter!! :)