Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Andrew is here!

The birth story of our third precious son... sweet Andrew! As most of you know, we were waiting patiently ( or not so much of the time) for the arrival of our third child. I went early with both my boys before, so I was expecting that again. My due date was a week ago on the 22nd. ****************************************************************************************** Last Friday my Mom came into town, just in case I went into labor. Saturday Mom thought it would be a good idea to do some power walking. We went to Jordan Creek and did a few laps around the mall, it hurt a bit but nothing came out of it. We enjoyed a lunch out then headed back to Ames. ****************************************************************************************** We spent some time at my Grandma's house. My brother and some of his college friends were in town so they stopped over. I started some random contractions but didn't think much of them. My Grandma started keeping track of them and they were around 4-5 minutes apart. I called Amos at that part just to let him know that there might be a possibility that I could be in labor. I was sitting on my Grandma's chair leaning on an ottoman and my water broke, like all of it, right there. I called for a towel and got rid of those scared college boys quickly. ***************************************************************************************** We loaded up the boys, ran a quick errand, then headed home. My contractions were getting pretty painful on the way home. We got home, got the boys to bed as soon as possible, and loaded up our stuff. I was getting a little scared of my contractions. I was very thankful my friend Ashley and her son Tucker came over when they did. As Amos was driving my Momma and I were encouraging him to drive a little faster. I was having transition-like contractions that were coming pretty quickly but I was able to talk in between them. Nancy, my Mother-in-law was waiting in the er for us and she quickly wheeled me upstairs. The contractions were very hard and very close. Thankfully the hospital was about ready for me. I was already at an 8 and a few minutes later I was pushing. ************************************************************************************** Thanks to those of you who prayed for Andrew to turn around. As of Friday, the day before he was born, he was still face-up and was really dreading back labor. Thankfully I didn't have any back labor at all. It was a miracle. Praise God! Anyway, we welcomed our third son into this world! It was an amazing 3-hour labor and happy to be at the hospital for the 45-minutes before he was born. **************************************************************************************** I was shocked that my baby weighes 9 pounds. He has huge feet! His footprints didn't fit on the paper! We are ecstatic to have three sons. The boys are doing pretty well with our new addition. It will be an adjustment for sure. We are so thankful Mom is here this week to help! I need it for sure. **************************************************************************************** Andrew and I are going to get some sleep. I will post more pictures later...I would rather sleep. :)


rebekah stephenson said...

HE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I am seriously DYING to meet him!! I wanted so badly to come to the hospital, but Andy was working all day and I was so scared to venture out on the ice : (. What an amazing birth story- you are truly amazing. I am so happy that it was such a quick delivery and that you didn't have back labor!!! Yay!!! Love you so much, dear friend =)

Liz Monroe said...

LOVE!!! Oh girl, you make it sound so easy :) this gets me sooo excited for mine! Welcome Andrew Greene, you are loved!

Carrie Sterner said...

Congratulations! Another handsome boy to join your team. Beautiful beautiful family. Enjoy your moms help and sleep all you can. :)