Sunday, July 14, 2013

Catch Up Time

Here I am...sitting here debating if I should delete this blog. I feel like I have so much more to do in life and most everyone sees my stuff on facebook anyway. Tough decision. I will keep it up for right now, but it is becoming less and less of a priority to me. Sorry if my posts become farther and farther between. This summer has been busy- way too busy. It has been a great summer so far with not much rest in between. June started off with a bang. Here is our June summary- *Adam went on his first trip away without us. He went down to Kansas City with my Mom and Grandma for a weekend. He had a great time playing in the rain and in the boat. We missed him like crazy.
*Amos had a grand opening of his new Vetter Equipment store. It is huge and very nice. We went to their open house for lunch and of course to let the boys play on the tractors and combines.
*We have been busy with these crazy kiddos.
* My sister and her boys stopped by last month. It was so fun to play with them. Adam and Micah are best friends. So sweet.We celebrated Mathia's 2 birthday. He wins the award for the most photogenic kid ever!
*Another big event in June was camping with our dear friends- The Brumm's and Jensen's. We were pretty brave bringing 6 kiddos camping-3 of them being babies. We had a great time with a little rain but fun memories.
*We had a great time spending time with Amos' brother and his daughters. We spent the night on the water in our boat and jet skis. I love the picture of all the Greene guys together. That's a rare thing. It kind of makes me want 5 boys... almost there! :)
Now on to July... so far. * We started off July at our annual 4th of July conference at Hidden Acres. We always have a lot of fun and great fellowship, and not much sleep. Nathanael's girls have been here the whole month so they stayed with us along with Lydia who is here from Switzerland. Fun family time! My boys love their cousins! We had some pictures of all the babies that have been born in the past 9 months. It's just crazy... next year might be interesting with 11 toddlers walking around!
*The day after we got back from our conference we left for our family vacation to Okoboji. We went with Grandma and my parents. It was a lot of fun. We stayed very close to the water which was fun for all of us. We enjoyed our boat quite often while we were there. We enjoyed eating out a couple of times, playing in the sand, boating, eating some more, and playing at the amusement park that was in our back yard. Plenty of good memories made.
We are home for a few days this week. We have a big family reunion this Saturday for Amos' family then the boys and I are going to Colorado with my Mom to watch Rebekah's boys for a week. It should be crazy fun with 6 boys ( plus seeing the Jizmejian kids some too) We are looking forward to ending our summer in August with another camping trip plus some time at my parents. After that I am not leaving ever again!!!:) Until next time...

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