Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Fall!

Hello! Sorry for the lack of blogging. So happy for a few minutes to relax and give a little update on life.
Amos and I celebrated our 7-year anniversary last month. We had a good time celebrating with our children. Man I love looking at that face every day. :)
So last month was my Mom's birthday. My little brother planned a great birthday surprise. Jason Castro was putting on a concert at Ryan's college in San Diego. He happily sang Happy Birthday to my Mom on skype. I was so happy to be there to help get it ready.. and of course see Jason.
Yes, Adam was posing. He takes after his Aunt Rebekah and can't take a normal picture. :)
Mom and I took the boys to Nemo-3D. It was Aaron's first movie... we will try again some other time. :)
Last weekend I was able to fly to Colorado to spend time with my sister and her family. Rebekah and Matt were amazing. Rebekah had 600 junior and high school girls at their church for the weekend. Rebekah gave all the messages that were so right-on to girls that age. She is so passionate and gifted.... proud big sister! I was hoping she would go into labor while I was there, but she still hasn't. Mom has been waiting there awaiting the arrival of baby Max. Poor Rebekah has had so many false alarms... we hope he comes soon! I loved spending time with my nephews and my dear friend Alyssa came to visit. Brit Nicole was the entertainment for the weekend. Micah was so excited to see her.
We've enjoyed the beautiful weather lately and have been trying to be outdoors as much as possible.
Amos is going to be slowing down pretty soon so we are looking forward to having a husband and father around. My pregnancy is going well! I'm about 10 days ahead of schedule so hopefully we will meet our baby during the beginning of January..we'll see! Enjoy this beautiful season!

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Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

Your whole family is seriously so cute...and it was so much fun to run into you the other day! This week is pretty low-key for me, wanna hang out?! :) Friday?